First Two Weeks in Armenia

Getting to Armenia was no small feat – Due to weather, the flight into New York was delayed and I had only 20 minutes to make my connecting flight which was in a different terminal…  I got to the gate with moments to spare only to find the flight was delayed, again due to weather) by 2-hours.  I got a little sleep on the way to Moscow where I had a 4-hour layover before finally getting to Yerevan, Armenia.  I was met at the airport by one of the Coaches.  I settled in at the training center where I found the accommodations very comfortable.  This was to be home for the next two weeks.  We were training and staying at the Tsakhkadzor Sports Complex.

Barrett Stanghill training in Armenia

Barrett with Armenian Wrestlers 2014

There was no time to get over jet-lag… it was right into training.  We started with an early morning walk outside followed by three practices.  One of the practices generally involves running.  One of the more common routes was 4-miles of uphill grade.  Most practices have live wrestling – 5 seven minute live go’s, punctuated with situational go’s; body locks, under-hooks and such.  A lot of rope climbing…  Here in Armenia, pull-ups are like breathing – you must do them to survive!  I have always stayed after practice to do additional workouts, however, in Armenia, no wrestler leaves the room until the Janitor turns out the lights.  Sundays are off but usually a heated soccer game will ensue where I have been relegated to Goalie since my soccer skills are not up to their standards.