One Month In ~ Three to go…

Barrett Stanghill training in Gyumri, Armenia

Barrett in the Gyumri, Armenia with wrestlers

I am approximately one month into my four month stint in Armenia. I have grown by leaps and bonds in my wrestling. My first two weeks were filled with intense three a day trainings. Now, I am in the second largest city in Armenia, Gyumri, training twice a day. I am still loving every second, it is easy being surrounded by extraordinary coaches and wrestlers. I already feel that I am a part of their wrestling family, which helps when I am so far away from my loved ones. Every wrestler here knows what they are training for, being a world champion is not a dream, it is expected. On several different occasions we have been kicked out of the gym for training to long after practice. My health is wonderful, I am still in shock that I have been blessed with this amazing experience. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me make my dream a reality. This is the first of many posts, hope you enjoy.