Looking Forward

Since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes it has been a tough road. In Las Vegas, my first tournament since being diagnosed, my first match was good. In the next match, it was tough as my blood sugar elevated. In the third match my blood sugar went up to a very dangerous 400+ and I was unable to finish. Since then, I have continued working on finding aa way to control my blood sugar levels during tournaments. Yes, it has been a struggle with a lot of trail and error and many ups-and-downs in terms of wrestling success as a diabetic.   I have a strong determination to work with my insulin levels during tournaments and it has gotten better.  I consider it a milestone to have qualified for the Olympic Team Trials which occurred in the early months after I was diagnosed.  I will continue to make improvements in both my diabetes management and in my wrestling. I am proud to be one of the few top tier athletes to have achieved success as a Type 1 diabetic.  I hope to encourage others with Type 1 to realize they can manage their insulin and reach for their athletic goals.